Welcome to my website. Probably you would like to know how the Alexander Technique can help you.

Well, it helps people all over the world to naturally overcome:
  • muscle tension and stiffness
  • back, neck and joint pain
  • poor posture
  • breathing and vocal problems
  • anxiety and stress related conditions
In a randomised control trial it has been proven to help alleviate chronic back pain and the results have been published in the British Medical Journal (August 2008). As well as back pain the Alexander Technique can also help with neck and shoulder tension and with anxiety related conditions.

The Alexander Technique is an holistic approach which works by making us more aware of harmful postural habits which may be the cause of stress and pain. This awareness can lead to an improved level of functioning.

If you live in West Yorkshire and are experiencing conditions such as back pain or neck pain, frozen shoulder, joint and muscle problems, RSI, fatigue, or stress related symptoms then please feel free to contact me, as I may very well be able to help. The Technique is also used in the management of Parkinsons and MS.
Usually if something is wrong we think we must do something to put it right. The new pronciple is that if something is wrong we must find out what it is  and stop doing it. The only cure for banging one's head against the wall is to stop.

-Marjory Alexander Barlow