I qualified as a teacher of the Alexander Technique in 1994 and worked as an assistant teacher on the North England Training School for many years.

I am a registered member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique and also a former Chair of the Society.

I have a private practice and was also employed part-time by Leeds City Council to teach adults with learning disabilities using the Alexander Technique and also the Waldon Approach (
I also use both these approaches with adults on the autistic spectrum.

I have a BHSc. in Occupational Therapy.

I am also a fully qualified teacher (BA Hons, P.G.C.E.) with many years experience in special education, both with children and adults.
Usually if something is wrong we think we must do something to put it right. The new pronciple is that if something is wrong we must find out what it is  and stop doing it. The only cure for banging one's head against the wall is to stop.

-Marjory Alexander Barlow